Python: Division - HackerRank Solution

Python: Division - HackerRank Solution

In this Python HackerRank Division Problem, we have to read two integers a and b from STDIN and perform division.

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HackerRank Python Division Problem

A solution in Python 2 Syntax:

from __future__ import division

# floating point division
print 4 / 3

# integer division  
print 4 // 3

A solution in Python 3 Syntax:

print(4 / 3)
print(4 // 3)

Solution of HackerRank Python Division Problem

# Python: Division - Hacker Rank Solution
from __future__ import division

if __name__ == '__main__':
    a = int(raw_input())
    b = int(raw_input())
    # Python: Division - Hacker Rank Solution START 
    # Python: Division - Hacker Rank Solution END 

#Solution by Myeduwaves

So this is the solution of HackerRank Python: Division Problem. I hope you understand. If you have any problem then please contact via contacts us page. Now visit this Python HackerRank division problem and try to solve it now.

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