The Greedy Dog: Short Story In English With Moral And Picture For Kids

The greedy dog story in English: Friends, in this post we are sharing the story of the greedy dog with moral. This story (the greedy dog story in English) is an educative story for children, which teaches them to work with patience and understanding in the time of adversity. This story of a greedy dog is an old story and has always been popular among children.

The Greedy Dog: Short Story In English With Moral And Picture For Kids

A dog lived in a village. He was always looking for something to eat because he was very greedy. He always wandered here and there in search of food, never filled his stomach. Once upon a time, he was wandering around in search of food as usual, but he could not find food anywhere.

The greedy dog short story for kids with moral

At the end he saw a piece of bone outside a hotel, he quickly grabbed that piece in the mouth and thought to go somewhere in solitude and have fun eating it. He was very happy and wanted to eat it sitting alone, so ran away from there with a piece of bone in the forest. But he was not alone there. So he continued the search of a secluded place.

The greedy dog short moral story for kids

While searching for a secluded place, he reached a river.

The greedy dog short story with moral

There was a breeze on the river. Going to the other bank of the river, dog peeped into the river, then suddenly he saw his shadow in the river. He could not understand that it is his shadow, he felt that there is another dog in the water, which also has a piece of bone in its mouth.

The  Greedy Dog Story For Kids

The greedy dog story with moral for kids

That greedy dog ​​thought why not take a piece of it too. If it also gets a piece of bone, then the enjoyment of eating will be doubled.

The greedy dog story

He barked loudly at that shadow. A piece of bone pressed into his mouth fell into the river due to barking. Now he lost his piece too.

The greedy dog story with moral for kids

He understood then that what he thought was another dog, that is his own shadow. In the greed of excess, he lost what he had. Now he was very sorry and hung back and came back to the village.

The greedy dog short story with moral for kids

Moral of the greedy dog story:

Greed is a bad thing. Do not be tempted It is bad to snatch things from others. Greed snatches our happiness, so one must rely on our hard work and take satisfaction in whatever is achieved through hard work. If we covet, then we may have to wash our hands even more than we have.

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